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At Hillside K9 Resort and Spa, we pride ourselves in providing the ultimate in personal dog care and comfort. Our K9 Comfort associates are tuned in to your dog's most important comfort needs, including our Resort & Spa K9 Bath and our unique K9 Grooming & Salon.

Hillside K9 Resort & Spa is the ultimate destination to have your pets pampered! We offer an array of grooming services that we can tailor to your pet's individual needs. Hillside K9 Resort & Spa offers everything from basic baths to luxurious spa treatments and light trims to shave downs. We cater to all dogs, and we groom them all!

At the Hillside K9 Training Academy, we are able to house forty dogs within our multi-purpose built dog kennel complex, each dog having its own individual accommodations, comprising of a 5x6 foot sleeping area indoors.  Also they are escorted to a 10x5 foot enclosed and covered run by a professional handler for outside play time.

Each dog sleeps in a home setting, which helps keep them cool in summer and warm in winter, it also teaches them how to adapt to in home living.  Our dog kennel system and diligent staff ensure a clean and comfortable environment.

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