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As many of you know, Hillside Canine, your One Stop Dog Spot offers all the services you desire in one convenient location.

From the care we provide your dog when you are away from home, during the daytime or overnight; training to assist you in getting the most out of your canine companion, at home, or on a pleasant walk in the beautiful surroundings that Arizona has to offer; and our grooming facility to keep your loved ones clean and well presented.

We appreciate the opportunity to care for all of your dog’s needs.

Our goal has always been to offer the best services at a competitive price, all in one easily accessed  location!

With that in mind, we have decided to take the benefits of using Hillside Canine to the next level!  Your One Stop Dog Spot, is pleased to announce the release of our Canine Club Card.

Canine Club Card:

Upon receipt, you may immediately reap the benefit of rewards of up to Ten Percent discount* across the broad range of services that you may already love and use.   

  • Ten percent discount for Fluffy’s Grooming services – until 2018!
  • Ten percent discount for Fido’s stay at our handy Day Care facilities – until 2018!
  • Ten percent discount for Daisy’s overnight dwelling at our Boarding Kennel – until 2018!
  • Ten percent discount from our One-on-One Custom Targeted Training Packages – until 2018!
  • Free Nail Trims – yep… you guessed it…. Until 2018!

We know that you already take advantage of excellent pricing for most of your dog’s needs, now we would like to encourage you to try our other offerings and, this discount will benefit us all. 

Why drive all around the Verde Valley and beyond for your dog’s necessities?  We are so close to the freeway, your dog could drool on us! Easy in, easy out.

We enjoy taking care of your dog’s needs and look forward to seeing you, and your dog more often, well beyond 2018!

Our Canine Club Card is regularly priced at $49, however, we are currently offering this exclusive benefit for only $35!

*Discount will not be applied to our already discounted packages, for example
Play & Spa Package would NOT be eligible for further discount.

This Is An Annual Program, With Optional Renewal At The Beginning Of Each Year.

Hillside Canine Club Card

Offers Additional Opportunities To Save Money On The Dog Services You May Already Enjoy!

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