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​​Our Dog Day Care Complex is able to provide day care services and house forty dogs within our multi-purpose built dog kennel complex, each day care dog having its own individual accommodations, comprising of a 5x6 foot sleeping area indoors.  

Also they are escorted to a 10x5 foot enclosed and covered run, unleashed by one of our professional dog training kennel staff for outside play time.  Each dog relaxes in a comfortable setting, which helps keep them cool in summer and warm in winter.  Our dog kennel system is designed to ensure a clean and comfortable environment for our pampered dogs.  Dog day care and boarding is what we do!  Try us, we are close by and eager to please you and your dog.

Benefits of Dog Daycare  
** Relieves Boredom/ Separation Anxiety * Provides Routine * Exercise * Owner peace of mind * Socialization * Attention * Safety * Affordable * A tired dog is a happy dog **​

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Dog Day Care and Boarding Services

Dog Day Care Services

$ 16.00 per Day 
includes one play park session. 

Un-Neutered males and in-season females-add $ 6.00 to base charge. 

Holiday rates are regular rates plus $3.00 per day per dog, per day, for all major holidays and peak periods, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year.

Dog Day Care Services

928 567 6304 

Camp Verde, AZ 

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928 567 6304

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