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Snake Avoidance - Protect Your Pup & Wallet!

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Dog Snake Training

We offer a number of snake avoidance / aversion classes throughout the year, however, as most of you know the season starts early spring time for the snakes to start their new adventures!

Classes are finished for early 2017, sign up below for information on future classes .

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Snake Aversion Dog Training
Snake Avoidance Dog Training

Arizona has 13 species of rattlesnakes, including Diamondbacks, Black-Tailed and Arizona Blacks. There have also been reports of Mojave Greens in this area. Most Rattlesnakes threatened, become defensive and would rather avoid confrontation. Rattlesnakes do not always give a warning even when provoked. Whether they warn us or not, it`s wise to avoid rattlesnakes and to teach our dogs to do the same, avoiding painful, damaging and potentially lethal snakebites, and expensive and painful recovery.

Although some dogs instinctively avoid snakes, most dogs are curious and have no idea of the potential threat. Dogs have died within 15 minutes of an attack.

Our aversion/avoidance training is conducted in small manageable groups.  We have an expert snake handler and, use a remote e-collar, in conjunction with proper handler encouragement to avoid, the odor and ultimate proximity of the snake.  By the end of this short, effective training, we are one step closer to enabling you and your canine companion, to enjoy the wilds of Arizona more safely.

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