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Dog Training Boarding and  Grooming Testimonials 

Doggie walked out with a professional cut. She looks great.  Vicky great job. Thank you!

Full Groom - C.Skaggs, Camp Verde, AZ.

Very Satisfied!

Awesome job.... We live in Cottonwood and throughout the years we have taken our dogs another place. After one visit you have become our new groomers. The extra miles are worth it ! Thank you for taking such good care of our Molly !

Full Groom - Diana G

​Dear Shawn and Jennifer,

We just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how happy we've been with the training you gave Avery.

Once we learned to have consistent expectations and actions in working with her, she truly blossomed into an amazing dog.  We enjoy her company more and more everyday and are very grateful for your support and expertise.

She's always been a happy dog, but now she is learning to control her emotions more and more.

I think what I am most pleased with is being able to enjoy walking her on leash. She is pretty consistent with healing and loose leash walking; occasionally if she is really amped up we will still rely on the prong collar but she no longer wears it all day as she is behaving so much better.  We are also pleased that she keeps all 4 on the ground when she greets people and only rarely reacts to kids and other dogs.

Her down stay still needs some work. Any tips you could advise would be greatly appreciated.

You worked miracles with teaching her to get into the kennel in our truck. It's been a huge help to us.

Thank you again!

Best wishes,
Kristen & Jacqueline

#1 Dog Spot In Verde Valley!
Was delighted! Couldn't have been more pleased with the groomer, the cut and the positive response of my dog.

Full Groom - Alice S.

#1 Dog Spot In Verde Valley!
My dog loves going here. It makes my heart happy when she wags her tail as we arrive. Everyone knows and loves her and for that I am so grateful to Hillside Canine! Thank all of you!
​Boarding - Lori H

Thank you--you do a beautiful job on my girl and she smells wonderful!!

Dianna Stevens 

​Full Groom - Nestle, Chocolate Lab

Your staff are always very gentle and caring with my 14 year old fur baby and excellent groomers.
C. Pugh

I found you through my vet Dr. Vasquez and I am more than grateful I did. You are wonderful. Extremely Satisfied!
Day Care & Grooming

Extremely satisfied, our dog came home happy!
Leslie S
Day Care & Boarding

Extremely Satisfied, I love consistently getting the same groomer. 
Cheryl P

Extremely Satisfied!
Day Care, Grooming, Training

​​#1 Dog Spot In Verde Valley!
Carolyn H

​Very friendly, courteous, professional, caring, doggy people!! Even found our Rocky a girlfriend! 😝

​Odenkirk Family

Daycare whilst visiting Out Of Africa