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​Anne Walkosz reviewed Hillside Canine — 5 stars
December 13th, 2017 
I feel so good about writing this review!
My 3 yr old dog Todd and I have only been together for 4 months, therefore, we are still in the process of building our relationship. I needed to visit my family in Minnesota for two weeks and reluctantly had to board Todd. My friends who have dogs checked out Hillside Canine and brought me their literature. Then I made a visit there, chatted with a couple of staff, took a short tour of their facility and got Todd put on their boarding calendar (one big selling point for me is the 24 hour monitoring system). After boarding Todd at Hillside Canine for 14 days and nights, I am confident to board him there in the future. The incredible staff is a team who communicate well and get things done. Todd was treated with care and was diligently observed (feedings, poops, walks all recorded). I recommend Hillside Canine to take care of your canine/feline family member!

​Kayla Parafiniuk reviewed Hillside Canine — 5 star
September 17, 2017
I highly recommend Hillside canine. The facility was clean, all of the employees were very friendly and professional. They also frequently updated me on my puppies. What more can a girl ask for?! I will definitely be using Hillside the next time we go out of town!

We Out Performed Two Other Local Trainers!  Yeahhhy Shawn! - November 2017

I'm really pleased with how things went with Petey (American Staffordshire Terrier) He's doing better and better every day. I never thought he would be trained to the level he is, Petey had 2 other trainers before nothing worked until we came to Shawn he worked miracles in a short time. Thanks for the help with Petey                                    

PS I thought Petey was getting a diploma mailed to us! 

Thanks again.

Ron W.  Prescott, AZ  

​5.0 star rating 9/29/2017
We rescued a large sharpei/pit bull mix that we discovered was dog reactive and very difficult to control. After going through private training at Hillside K9 Academy with the trainer, Sean, our dog has become well behaved, an entirely different relaxed personality, and even passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. All he needed was the right trainer and commitment on our part.  I am grateful we can take our dog anywhere now and not have to worry about how he will behave.
Cynthia T.  Sedona, AZ

​Tammy James reviewed Hillside Canine — 5 star
June 3, 2017
We took our pup in for doggy day care, for socialization and because she has a little separation anxiety. We received photos of her a short time after we left her, running, playing and having a great time. The facility was very clean, smelled clean and they have VERY nice indoor runs that are climate controlled. Outdoor areas are all fenced in, with outdoor runs and also fenced in play areas with kiddie pools and toys. They offer grooming as well. Our girl had a great time and we are definitely taking her back for more day care and also to board her when we need it. I would recommend them for your doggy day care, and boarding and also grooming if you need it. I will write another review once we take her a few more times. Give them a try!

​Veronica Gomez reviewed Hillside Canine — 5 star
June 9, 2017
We would like to thank Hillside Kennel for our new found family member "Red" , we purchased our Belgian Malinios a few weeks ago and WE LOVE RED! Great dog, fast learner, already has built up confidence and a high high ball and food drive. I will refer everyone who is looking for what we found. Garrett has been super helpful with Reds training. He is very detailed oriented. We can't wait for Krysis for my pops! Again thanks for the help Red is safe and has a family who is taking well good care of him.

Sue McWilliams reviewed Hillside Canine — 5 star

May 21 · 

We took our 2 year old Airedale to Sean for training and it is the best thing we did for us and our dog. Prior to training our dog was such a problem when we would take him for walks or hikes. Lunging and barking at other dogs, stopping to mark every few feet! Now he is the best dog and we take him every where! We now attend the group training to keep him on track.

Jessica Zarling reviewed Hillside Canine — 5 star

June 5 · 

My family and I took a road trip one weekend and ended up wanting to check out Out Of Africa. Luckily we we able to find this place for our dog to enjoy herself as much as we did! The staff was friendly and the location was perfect.

Cindy Keisler reviewed Hillside Canine — 5 star
July 14 · 
Kash has been coming to Hillside for one year. You should see how excited he gets when we get near our destination. Both Jenifer and Sean are great. They are so dedicated to taking care of our dog. We wouldn't take him anywhere else. Thanks Jenifer and Sean.

Paul Klein reviewed Hillside Canine — 5 star
November 27 at 5:40pm · 
Boarded our dog for 9 days while we were out of town, he loved it & was so calm when we got him. Will use again when we are in the area. Great people to work with.

Mandy Wi reviewed Hillside Canine — 5 star
May 17 · 
My children and I were on a camping venture headed home when we seen Out of Africa and discovered we couldn't go because of our youngest and luckily Hillside Canine was recommended to us and was perfect for us to have our outing and feel comfortable leaving him behind. Their service was excellent even if my baby nipped at them the staff was very polite and nice. They took very good care of him, he must of had a good time, he slept all the way home!!! I didn't use any grooming services this time but will definitely be returning for them!!

Darlene Slade reviewed Hillside Canine — 5 star
October 23 · 
We continue to rescue the shaggy little fur babies and Vicki works her magic turning them into the cutest fur babies around. Love Hillside Canine.

Nancy Harvey Taylor reviewed Hillside Canine — 5 star
March 19, 2016 · 
I just got Jimmie back home after a 4 week Boot Camp program at Hillside. I had a barking, strong willed dog I couldn't train myself, and got back a well trained dog that is not barking just to hear his own voice. We still have work ahead to reinforce the fact I'M in charge, not him, but I just can't describe the difference! Jimmie has been to Doggie Day Care, and I've boarded him there in the past, too. It really says something about the place when a dog always wags his tail and is excited whenever we pull up. Shawn is an excellent trainer, and he and his wife, Jennifer, run a great facility with a very caring staff. If you want good day care, boarding, group lessons, private lessons, or need Boot Camp for your dog, Hillside is your best choice. I highly recommend them! I won't take Jimmie anywhere else.

5.0 star rating  3/8/2017, Aline K, Las Vegas.
We were searching for a Belgian Malinois puppy from a credible breeder, and we are so lucky to have found the team at Hillside K9. We knew that we wanted to get our pup from them from the get-go because they showed so much care and concern about where their puppy was ultimately going to go to. As we live in a different state, we had to have blind faith in their judgement, and they ended up matching us with the most perfect dog. The training he received from them ultimately gave us a "turn-key" puppy. We didn't have to go through the aggravation of a dog pooping and peeing in the house or chewing up shoes and furniture. He is so intelligent and focused, that he has been effortless train. We are so grateful for Jed, as set us up with the ideal working dog that suitable for our life and family. We would definitely recommend them for pet training, boarding, sitting... ANYTHING (dog related, of course).

​Doggie walked out with a professional cut. She looks great.  Vicky great job. Thank you!

Full Groom - C.Skaggs, Camp Verde, AZ.

Very Satisfied!

Awesome job.... We live in Cottonwood and throughout the years we have taken our dogs another place. After one visit you have become our new groomers. The extra miles are worth it ! Thank you for taking such good care of our Molly !

Full Groom - Diana G

​Dear Shawn and Jennifer,

We just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how happy we've been with the training you gave Avery.

Once we learned to have consistent expectations and actions in working with her, she truly blossomed into an amazing dog.  We enjoy her company more and more everyday and are very grateful for your support and expertise.

She's always been a happy dog, but now she is learning to control her emotions more and more.

I think what I am most pleased with is being able to enjoy walking her on leash. She is pretty consistent with healing and loose leash walking; occasionally if she is really amped up we will still rely on the prong collar but she no longer wears it all day as she is behaving so much better.  We are also pleased that she keeps all 4 on the ground when she greets people and only rarely reacts to kids and other dogs.

Her down stay still needs some work. Any tips you could advise would be greatly appreciated.

You worked miracles with teaching her to get into the kennel in our truck. It's been a huge help to us.

Thank you again!

Best wishes,
Kristen & Jacqueline

#1 Dog Spot In Verde Valley!
Was delighted! Couldn't have been more pleased with the groomer, the cut and the positive response of my dog.

Full Groom - Alice S.

#1 Dog Spot In Verde Valley!
My dog loves going here. It makes my heart happy when she wags her tail as we arrive. Everyone knows and loves her and for that I am so grateful to Hillside Canine! Thank all of you!
​Boarding - Lori H

Thank you--you do a beautiful job on my girl and she smells wonderful!!

Dianna Stevens 

​Full Groom - Nestle, Chocolate Lab

Your staff are always very gentle and caring with my 14 year old fur baby and excellent groomers.
C. Pugh

I found you through my vet Dr. Vasquez and I am more than grateful I did. You are wonderful. Extremely Satisfied!
Day Care & Grooming

Extremely satisfied, our dog came home happy!
Leslie S
Day Care & Boarding

Extremely Satisfied, I love consistently getting the same groomer. 
Cheryl P

Extremely Satisfied!
Day Care, Grooming, Training

​​#1 Dog Spot In Verde Valley!
Carolyn H

​Very friendly, courteous, professional, caring, doggy people!! Even found our Rocky a girlfriend! 😝

​Odenkirk Family

Daycare whilst visiting Out Of Africa

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