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‚ÄčOur Professional Dog Training Services offers state-of-the-art canine training programs that are customized to fit your needs. Although we are a professional dog training school / academy in Arizona, our reputation brings both humans and their canine companions to us from all across the United States.

Our professional dog trainers offer a wide variety of programs for both private families, and professional working dog purposes.  We offer boarding / training programs too!

Private Lessons and Family Protection Dog Training Classes:
Dog Obedience Training;  Dog Crate Training;  Off Leash; Dog Behaviour Modification Training:  

Leash Pulling; Jumping; Barking; Socialization; Aggressive Dogs;  Dog ChewingDog Dominance; Snake Aversion; Puppy Manners Training; Agility Training; Protection Training;  AKC Canine Good Citizen.

Specialized Work Dog Training Classes for Experienced or Professional Handlers of Working Dogs:

Law Enforcement
Border Patrol
Detection (Narcotics, Cadaver, Live Find, FEMA, etc.)
Search and Rescue
Service Dogs